Planner I-IV

City of Denton

Denton, TX United States

Responsible for developing, monitoring and applying comprehensive planning policies, reviewing zoning, subdivision and site plan proposals; preparing neighborhood and district plans; and providing staff support to the Planning and Zoning Commission, City Council and boards, commissions and groups, and communicating development regulations to the general public, developers, citizens, and officials. The position advises and coordinates development activities and projects with other departments, developers, builders, outside agencies, and the general public. Performs related planning duties utilizing various development codes. Work is performed with moderate supervision. 

Essential Functions:

  • Analyzes and evaluates zoning and development proposals in accordance with codes and ordinances, policies, and design guidelines. Makes recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council. Coordinates with other affected departments, divisions, and outside organizations such as school districts.
  • Manages and reviews development applications to ensure conformance with approved plans, policies, and standards. Participates in the City's multi-disciplinary or multi-departmental development review process relative to the preparation of plans, review of development proposals or other projects.
  • Reviews and processes site plans and plats as well as limited comprehensive plan amendments, development code amendments, Planned Developments, rezonings, and annexations, site plans, and plats;
  • Collects a variety of statistical data, prepares reports and maps on topics such as census information, land use, tax base data, and occupancy rates;
  • Assists in the development of planning studies and reports in support of new and updated plans, programs and regulations;
  • Prepare narrative staff reports and recommendations of some complexity, prepare public notices, and/or, performing other related activities;
  • Leads and coordinates neighborhood meetings, schedules and conducts meetings with advisory boards, commissions and elected officials as needed;
  • Attends substantial number of evening meetings;
  • Acts as liaison between community groups, government agencies, developers and elected officials in developing neighborhood plans;
  • Coordinates community review of public and private development projects;
  • May oversee the work of interns;
  • Interprets and applies applicable local, state, federal laws, and rules;
  • Maintains a variety of records for the department related to development activities;
  • Prepares a variety of reports related to departmental activities;
  • Conducts research, including occasional field research, in specific or general project areas;
  • Adheres to established work product deadlines;
  • Maintains regular and punctual on-site attendance.

Additional Duties:

  • May investigate violations, conduct field inspections; or attend public meetings outside of normal business hours.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


Minimum Qualifications / Acceptable Equivalency:

  • 1 year of customer service experience
  • 2 years of construction/design/planning or municipal experience
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office applications
  • Associate degree from an accredited university


  • Any combination of related education, experience, certifications and licenses that will result in a candidate successfully performing the essential functions of the job

Core Competencies:

  • Knowledge of customer service principles and practices;
  • Skilled in problem-solving
  • Skilled in reading and interpreting development/construction documents;
  • Skilled in interpreting and applying applicable code requirements and processes;
  • Skilled in gathering and analyzing information and making recommendations based on findings and in support of organizational goals;
  • Skilled in reading and comprehending highly technical or specialized materials;
  • Skilled in applying independent judgment, personal discretion, and resourcefulness in interpreting and applying guidelines;
  • Skilled in operating a computer and related software applications;
  • Skilled in communicating effectively with a variety of individuals;
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing;
  • Ability to form and maintain effective relationships with co-workers and customers


  • AICP Certification
  • Previous customer service, construction or municipal experience
  • Bachelor's or Associate degree, particularly in urban planning, architecture, public policy or a related field of study

Conditions of Employment:

  • Must have a valid Class "C" Driver's License and valid state required minimum automobile liability insurance prior to employment (must obtain Texas Class "C" driver's license and state required minimum automobile liability insurance within 90 days of hire per state law)
  • Must pass a drug test, driver's license check, criminal history background check, and social security number verification check
  • Must be able to work outside of regular business hours as required.
  • Must pass a physical examination

Physical Requirements:
Overall Strength Demands: The italicized word describes the overall strength demands of the functions performed by the incumbent during a typical workday.

  • Sedentary - lifting no more than 10 pounds
  • Light - lifting no more than 20 pounds; carry up to 10 pounds
  • Medium - lifting no more than 50 pounds, carry up to 25 pounds
  • Heavy - lifting no more than 100 pounds, carry up to 50 pounds
  • Very Heavy - lifting more than 100 pounds, carry more than 50 pounds

Physical Demand Codes: The following describes if the incumbent is expected to exert the following physical demands during a typical workday and the overall frequency.

Codes for "how often":
Y = Yes
N = No
E = extensive (100-70%)
M = moderate (60-30%)
I = infrequent (20-10%)
A = almost never (<10%)

Task: Code:
1. Standing: M
2. Sitting: M
3. Walking: M
4. Lifting: I
5. Carrying: M
6. Pushing/Pulling: I
7. Overhead Work: A
8. Fine Dexterity: I
9. Kneeling: I
10. Crouching: I
11. Crawling: I
12. Bending: I
13. Twisting: I
14. Climbing: I
15. Balancing: I
16. Vision: E
17. Hearing: E
18. Talking: M
19. Video Display: E
20. Other:

Machines, Tools, Equipment and Work Aids:
The essential functions of this position require the use of a computer, various software applications, phone, measuring instruments, level, ladder, testing devices and the occasional operation of a motor vehicle

Environmental Factors:
The essential functions of this position are normally performed in an office environment.

This job description is not an employment agreement, contract agreement, or contract. Management has exclusive right to alter this job description at any time without notice.


Experience Level
Mid I (1-4 years)
AICP Level
Land Use and Development Regulation and Zoning
Salary Range
$60,000 - $107,000

Contact Information

Kendra Williams
601 E. Hickory St. Ste A
Denton, TX
United States
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