Ready to get certified? Take these steps to AICP Certification.

Get Educated and Gain Experience

AICP Applicants must meet specific criteria for education and experience before you apply for certification. Check out the AICP eligibility requirements and find out if your experience qualifies.

Apply for AICP Certification

If you are eligible, you can apply for AICP Certification. APA accepts applications twice a year - in June (for the November exam window) and December (for the May exam window). APA created the AICP Guide: Registering and Taking the Exam, a guide that provides all the information you need to schedule your test appointment and sure your exam day goes as smoothly as possible.

Many employers support their employees' professional advancement by paying for some or all of the costs associated with earning certification and belonging to AICP. Before you ask your employer for this financial assistance, download a helpful flyer with information to support your request.

APA members facing financial hardship may apply for the AICP Exam Fee Scholarship. The information will be shared with the chapter once the scholarship period is open.

Prepare for the Exam

See APA's five-step approach to exam preparation and links to many resources to help you pass your exam.

Become an AICP Member

You successfully submitted an application for AICP Certification and you've passed the exam. Now what?

  • Pay AICP dues as soon as you receive APA's invoice.
  • APA will confirm your right to use the AICP credential.
  • You'll receive an AICP welcome packet. Congratulations!

At any time, feel free to reach out to our Professional Development Officer for assistance with any steps. 

Professional Development Officer (PDO)

Bonnie Johnson -