Each year, APA-Kansas recognizes great planning in Kansas through the APA Kansas Chapter Awards.

All APA-Kansas members are invited to nominate a person, group, institution, or organization for one of the following award categories:

  • Ad Astra Award: Recognizes an individual or institution that has made a significant long-term contribution to the field of planning in the state of Kansas. The impact of their work extends beyond the geographic boundaries of their place of business and has taken the profession of planning to higher levels.
  • Pioneer Award (urban or rural): Recognizes an individual or institution that has demonstrated creativity and/or innovation in using planning to meet a community need or solve a public problem. The solution must be sustainable, have public support, and the ability to be implemented. The Pioneer Award is issued in two subcategories: Urban and Rural.
  • Sod Buster Award: Recognizes an individual, appointed official, or an elected official who has advanced or promoted the cause of planning in the public arena. Those nominated may include engaged citizens demonstrating outstanding leadership in a community, region, or state; members of planning commissions, boards of zoning appeals, economic development boards, environmental or historic preservation councils, or other appointed officials; or elected officials, whether holding office at the local, regional, or state level. Nominations may also include the more nontraditional roles of citizen activists or neighborhood leaders.
  • New Horizon Award: Honors a student or group of students who have done work illustrating excellence in planning with attention to comprehensive planning principles and the planning process.

Awards are typically presented at the Annual Planning Conference. Please watch for an announcement for future award nominations.