Each year, APA-Kansas recognizes great planning in Kansas through the APA Kansas Chapter Awards. 

Award Categories

All APA-Kansas members are invited to nominate a person, group, institution, or organization for one of the following award categories:

  • Ad Astra Award, recognizing an individual or institution making a significant long-term contribution to the field of planning in Kansas.
  • Pioneer Award, recognizing best practices in planning that demonstrate creativity and innovation in a comprehensive, neighborhood, corridor, or transportation plan to meet a community need or solve a public problem, in urban or rural areas.
  • John Keller Award, recognizing successful implementation of a tool, practice, program, project, or process accomplishing positive change as a result of planning.
  • Sodbuster Award, recognizing an individual, appointed official, or an elected official who has advanced or promoted the cause of planning in the public arena.
  • New Horizon Award, recognizing a student or student group that pushes the boundaries of planning in creative and innovative ways.
  • Meadowlark Award, recognizing an individual, project, or program creating greater awareness of the value of planning to improve a community’s quality of life.
  • Great Places in Kansas, recognizing a place of exemplary character and quality that embodies a visionary planning approach.

Awards are typically presented at the Annual Planning Conference. Please watch for an announcement for future award nominations.